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Cashflow Management

We will design and implement a Cashflow Reporting and Monitoring system which is right for your business.

Put simply, every business needs to understand its cash position.

All of our team have a wealth of experience in dealing with Cashflow and will assist you in proactively managing your cash. Ensure that you do not limit your businesses opportunities by failing to manage one of your most vital resources. Remember:

Turnover is Vanity

Profit is Sanity

But Cashflow is Reality

Common Questions on Cashflow?

Why do I need a cashflow?

Directors often feel that they understand the cashflow of the business and therefore don't need a formal Cashflow. However as one of the most important resources in a business, being able to accurately control and forecast this resource is of utmost importance.


How often should a cashflow be prepared? This largely depends on your business, but given that it is now possible to download information straight from the banks and integrate this into your cashflow statements, it is appropriate for most businesses to adopt a daily cycle. This will ensure that any issues are highlighted well in advance and problems are avoided.

Isn't this a lot of work?

Using some simple templates and utilising internet banking, you should be able to maintain these cashflows with little more than 10 minutes a day.

But surely profit is more important?

Whilst your business needs to be profitable to generate cash, it is possible for a profitable business to run out of cash. This is especially true if a business is growing or changing its strategy. At these times good cash management and planning becomes vital for the business, as you rarely get the chance to run out of cash twice.

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