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Financial Forecasting / Modelling

We will design and implement a Forecasting system which is right for your business.

This can be as simple or complex as YOUR business requires.

We have experience of using a wide variety of software platforms specifically designed for giving accurate and timely information to you when you need it most.

Our models are simple to maintain, and easy to run multiple scenarios with, giving you the comfort that you are adopting the right strategy for the business.

Common Issues with Forecasting?

I don't need a forecast

Commonly in smaller businesses, management feel that they have a good grasp of the business, and therefore don't need to build a forecast. However, forecasts are essential tools when dealing with banks or investors, as they demonstrate that you understand your business, and help you present it to third parties in a format which is easy to understand and follow.

We can't forecast

Another common misconception is that because we don't know what orders we will receive in the future, we can't forecast. With advances in planning software it is possible to look at demand for your product, and building in key variables make assumptions about demand in the future. This understanding of your sales cycle is vital in running a successful business.

They are out of date too quickly

That is why we ensure that updating and refreshing the models is simple. That way they can be refreshed as more complete information becomes available.

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