North East Finance Directors

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adding value to your business


Our fees are based on transparent daily rates


In our engagement letter we will clearly define what services you will and will not be receiving


• Associate fees range from 300 - 800 per day

• Mileage is charged at only 45p per mile

• All other expenses are charged at cost

• Fixed Fee work can be agreed for clearly defined project work

Fees are payable 14 days from date of invoicing


Adding Value to your Business

Daily Rates

By charging a Daily rate, we can agree a level of work which is right for your business. This could be as little as a couple of days a month, or more intensive depending on the needs of the business. Many businesses need more time at the start of the relationship, due to the nature of the engagement, i.e Specific Project or Financial Distress.

Unlike recruiting a full time employee, we have a high level of availability. Often we are able to be onsite the next working day.


No Long Contracts

As we do not tie you into lengthy contracts, our services do not come with the pitfalls of employment. There are no associated benefit costs, National Insurance, PAYE, or big recruitment fee.

Adding Value

For a business which cannot afford a full time FD, we can offer the same expertise on a part time basis for a fraction of the cost.

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